Podiatry Melbourne

What is Podiatry Melbourne?

Melbourne Podiatry is the category of medicine that is devoted to the classification and remedy of complaints to the foot, ankle and lower leg areas of the body.

What are Podiatrists Melbourne?

Podiatry is performed by a Podiatrist Melbourne. To qualify as a Podiatrist in Melbourne Australia, you must undertake a university bachelor degree and register with the Victorian State Podiatry Registration Board. In the state of Victoria, Australia there is only one university that offers the Bachelor of Podiatry needed to become a podiatrist.

Latrobe University offers Podiatry degree’s from their campus at Bundoora. The course is called the Bachelor of Health Sciences and Master of Podiatric Practice. Prior to 2009 this course was known as the Bachelor of Podiatry. This course gives students the skills and knowledge to prevent and treat disorders of the foot and ankle. As well as being taught the skills used in podiatric practice, students learn to treat patients with difficult medical conditions and to work in dedicated areas of podiatry, such as sporting injuries, childrens feet and surgical. The Department of Podiatry at Latrobe operates its own Podiatrist clinic at the Bundoora campus and students become directly involved in the treatment of patients. Additional clinical experience is gained through external placement at hospitals, health centres and private practice. Giving students the confidence to be able to perform clinically. Over the 4 years undergraduate students will complete 30 units, with students having the option to completing a 5th year honours program. The course takes 4 years to complete and once registration with the state board is complete, you are able to practice as a Podiatrist. Practicing Podiatrists must undergo at least 20hours of continued professional development to uphold your registration in Victoria.

Where do Podiatrists Work?

Melbourne has a wide variety of podiatry service offerings. Podiatrist Melbourne can be found in privately owned practices, community based health care centres, public hospitals, sports medicine practices and elderly nursing homes.  Podiatrists Melbourne often work in a health care team, consulting with other health care practitioners when managing foot related problems.

What can Podiatrist’s do for my feet?

Melbourne Podiatrist’s education makes them eligible to provide therapy for a quantity of foot conditions. The lower leg and foot complaints Podiatrists can handle comprise:

  1. Ankle Sprain, healing, treatment and prevention
  2. Arch Pain, can make walking very difficult!!
  3. Blisters, avoidable and irritating compartments of liquid that form underneath the skin
  4. Bunions, look as if as a ‘bump’ on the toe
  5. Corns and Calluses, coarsen skin produced by rubbing
  6. Cracked Heels, dehydrated skin nearby the heel of the foot
  7. Forefoot Pain, discomfort in the forefoot or ball of the foot
  8. Fungal Skin and Nail Infection, those gross infections that can change the color and thickness of the nail
  9. Heel Pain, painful spots near the heel bone of the foot
  10. Ingrown Toenails, when toenails grow under the skin, making it hard to walk
  11. Joint or Arthritis Pain, when irritated cartilage causes you agony in your foot joints
  12. Plantar Warts, warts that grow on your feet
  13. Shin and Knee Pain, occasionally called shin splints
  14. Stress Fractures, due to pressure caused to bearing extra weight on the feet

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